• RREA Hybrid Albino Snake Endler
    RREA Hybrid Albino Snake Endler

    K Class RREA Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers
    This is one of the most unique Endler hybrids available today.

  • Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers
    Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers

    Similar to our Albino Snake Endlers except with black eyes.

  • Blond Tiger Endlers
    Blond Tiger Endlers

    Our Multicolor Tiger Endlers (developed by AdrianHD) surprised us with a few of these Blond Tiger Endlers so we bred them into their own unique strain.

Welcome to HybridEndler.com

Since their reintroduction to hobbyists in the late 1990’s Endlers have been hybridized with Guppies due to their unique coloration, fin shapes, behavior, the genetic similarities between Guppies and Endlers and of course good old fashioned curiosity.

Endlers are so closely related to Guppies that the offspring of a cross between Endlers and Guppies results in fertile young making it possible to create an endless number of different hybrid strains.

At HybridEndler.com we have collected some of the most beautiful and unique Endler Hybrids available today.

We don’t stop at collecting, raising and selling our hybrid Endlers.  It is important to us to continue to develop the strains that we keep to produce the best possible colors and patterns.


Caring for Endlers

One of the factors that make Endlers so popular is how easy they are to care for. Although Endlers are hardy you should try to give them the best environment possible.

Breeding Hybrid Endlers

Simply putting a male with a female Endler will almost always result in fry however the resulting fry may not be as beautiful as you might expect. If your looking to produce great looking Endlers we have a few tips that may help.

Why Keep Hybrid Endlers

Hybrid Endlers are relatively new to the freshwater hobbyist. Raising hybrid Endlers allows you to have a strain of Endler that you are not likely to find in any pet shop.

These beautiful hybrids often carry many of the unique personality traits that have made Endlers so desirable.

New hybrid Endler strains are being created all the time.  These wonderful hybrids take on the unique traits of both the Guppies and Endlers creating an endless possibility of colors and shapes.

Is it Wrong to Hybridized Endlers?

Of course it’s not wrong to hybridize Endlers however it should be done responsibly.

Because Guppies and Endlers can hybridize so easily it was important to maintain a system to make sure there was a way to keep pure Endlers uncontaminated by the genes of other livebearers.

Although we love Endler hybrids we feel it is very important to maintain healthy populations of pure Endlers. We believe it is always important to always disclose if an Endler is a hybrid or not in order to keep pure lines pure. Learn More

What if I want Pure Endlers?

There are many hobbyists that wish to keep pure N Class Endlers. Fortunately there are many hobbyist that offer pure N Class Endlers.  Be sure to make sure they can show that their Endlers are the direct progeny of the Endlers that were collected in Venezuela.

Patchwork Endler
Marty’s Patchwork Endler

About Us


We’re tropical fish hobbyists just like you. We enjoy raising our hybrid Endlers so much that we have to share our Endlers with the rest of the world.

Our Endlers are raised indoors in aquariums giving us great control over the Endlers we produce.

We carefully examine each of our Endlers for specific traits that help us produce the best looking Endlers possible.

Raising our fish in tanks also helps us control disease and parasites which can be carried by birds and other animals.

Blonde Tiger Endler
Blond Tiger Endler

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