Yellow Tiger EndlersBreeding hybrid Endlers is as easy as simply putting the males and females together.  The males often perform elaborate dances for the females and the females seem to simply ignore them.  It is normal for the male to sometimes nip at the female in an attempt to get her to mate.  This nipping rarely results in any serious harm to the female.

When female hybrid Endlers are very young the may only drop one or two fry however as the female hybrid Endlers get older and larger they may drop well over 50 fry at a time.  It is important to provide some kind of protection for the young fry as the hybrid Endlers will eagerly eat their young.  The use of guppy traps or tanks with heavy cover is recommended if you wish to keep your new born fry.

We recommend allowing the female to rest away from the males for a day or two after having a large drop of fry.

We separate our young fry from the adults and feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and New Life Spectrum® Grow Fry Starter.  In a few weeks the fry are large enough to be placed in the adult tanks without fear of them being eaten.