Delicate Blond Snake Endler

Blond Snake EndlerThis delicate Blond Snake Endler is absolutely beautiful.

These beautiful Endlers were developed from a few of the first offspring we got from our Albino Snake Endlers we received from AdrianHD.

Most of the coloration found on the males is found in the tail with the exception of some small orange areas giving this light colored Endler a unique and delicate look.

We only have a few of these so far but they are so beautiful we have decided it’s definitely we want to continue breeding.

The males seem to be staying “Endler” size. Although these Endlers look delicate they are quite healthy and easy to care for.

These beautiful Endlers are the result of the few black eyed fry that was produced when we first obtained our Albino Snake Endlers.

Delicate Blond Snake Endler
Delicate Blond Snakeskin Endler
Delicate blond Snake Endlers