Orange Fin Tiger EndlersEndler hybrids are extremely easy to care for.  They are not picky eaters and do well with other community fish.  Hybrid Endlers tend to be much healthier and stronger than Fancy Guppies because of the long term affects Fancy Guppies have suffered from inbreeding over the years.  The addition of the new Endler genes seems to alleviate this condition.

Tank Size

One of the first consideration you will want to address when keeping any fish is the size of the tank your fish are being held in.  While they will survive in just about any tank or fish bowl ideally hybrid Endlers should be kept in a 10 gallon tank or larger.  We have had the best success keeping hybrid Endlers in 55 gallon tanks.

The reason hybrid Endlers do best in larger tanks is because they enjoy more consistent water conditions.  The larger the tank the more consistent the temperature, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia levels are.  Larger tanks also reduce the issues that result from overcrowding; at least for a while.

Water Conditions

The next thing you will probably want to address when keeping hybrid Endlers is the water condition.  First and foremost the tank should be properly cycled.  This can easily be achieved by adding 1 or 2 fish to the tank and leaving it at that for a few months before adding additional fish.

Ammonia & Nitrite Levels

This seems to be one of the big factors when keeping Endlers.  While Ammonia & Nitrites are toxic to most tropical fish we have noted that Endlers seem to be susceptible to illness when the water conditions change too rapidly.

The biggest cause of illness in Endlers seems to be overcrowding.  Overcrowding can cause Ammonia & Nitrite levels to rise very quickly.  While doing frequent partial water changes usually keeps most tropical fish from getting ill, Endlers seem to get ill when the water condition improves or gets worse too rapidly.

Female Endlers & Endler hybrids seem to be more susceptible to illness than the males.


Hybrid Endlers can survive in water temperatures that  are between 64–84°F.  They can even survive for short periods of time in temperatures as low as 62°F or into the mid 90’s.  The Ideal temperature for Endler hybrids is between 78–80°F.

Water Hardness

Endler hybrids are not really picky when it comes to water hardness however the do best in moderately hard to very hard water.  The addition of small amounts of salt may also be beneficial to your hybrid Endlers.

There are some that believe Endlers do better in green water such as the water they came from in Venezuela however we have not found this to have much influence one way or the other.

Plants & Decorations

Example of a well planted tank
An example of a well planted tank. Photo by Kevin McGill – CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia

Hybrid Endlers will do just fine in an empty all glass aquarium however they will spend most of their time swimming up and down the glass and you won’t get to observe some of the most enjoyable displays that Endlers have to offer.

Endlers are much more comfortable in a well planted tank with plenty of decorations to hide in.  We have also found that a dark substrate seems to help improve the coloration of the Endlers.  Live plants not only help the Endlers feel more comfortable but they also provide places for young fry to hide and help the water conditions to be more stable.

Lids & Lighting

Good lighting will help your hybrid Endlers show their wonderful coloration.  Many hybrid Endlers exhibit unique coloration that shows up under special lighting conditions and light angles.

In the case of Endlers and Endler hybrids your tank should have a well fit lid as Endlers will often jump out of the tank they are being kept in.  Even the smallest holes should be covered as Endlers will likely find these holes and escape.


Brine ShrimpHybrid Endlers are not picky with it comes to food.  They will eat just about any food provided to them as long as it is small enough for them to eat.  We have noticed that they enjoy small sinking pellet food however it seems to sink too quickly for them and a good portion of the food will go to waste.  Once the food touches the bottom of the tank the Endlers usually have little interest in it.

We have found it best to crush flake food up into a course powder.  It’s important to remember that you are basically feeding them concentrated portions of food so be careful not to overfeed them when feeding crushed flake food.  We like to change the brands from time to time and sometimes get food that contains garlic which is supposed to help prevent or treat fish with parasites.  Additional foods such as blood worms and brine shrimp are eagerly eaten.