Evolution of the Multicolored Tiger Endler

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Original Yellow tiger Endler
Original yellow color variation of the Multicolored Tiger Endler.

Our Original Multicolored Tiger Endlers

One of the most enjoyable hybrid Endlers we have had to work with is the Multicolored Tiger Endler.  We originally obtained this beautiful strain in the summer of 2014 from breeder Adrian Hernandez (AdrianHD).

This strain was originally created by AdrianHD by crossing his original Yellow Tiger Endlers and Red Fin Tiger Endlers.

When we received the these beautiful Endlers from AdrianHD we noticed that they had two basic color patterns, yellow and orange finned.

Both of these variations had larger size bodies more like a guppy and a longer flowing caudal fin somewhat resembling a jagged version of a flag tail.  These two variations often displayed some iridescence and would display different colors depending on the lighting and angle of light.

Original Orange Tiger Endler
Original color variation of the Orange Finned color of the Multicolored Tiger Endler.

Separating the Two Colors

The two color variations were so unlike each other that we decided we would separate them and try to consistently produce the two variations.

One of the first things we tried to do was make to breed out the long flowing “guppy” tail.  Our efforts were rewarded with the tails becoming shorter often with a flag, spade or spear tail.  The jagged look of the tail still remains as the male Endlers age however they are not nearly as jagged as the original Endlers.  We stopped working on the tail shape for now as we are working on things we want to do first.  Of course as we may breed out some tail shapes as we work on the strain so who knows where things will go in the future.

We also tried to breed for smaller size males however we were not successful as we didn’t want to breed out some of the good things we still wanted.

We also worked to try to make the vertical tiger stripes more prominent and darker.  This is still a challenge facing us today.  Some have very dark vertical stripes and some have stripes that are quite faded in color.  There were even some that we don’t offer for sale except for in the “Grab Bag” that have nearly lost their stripes altogether.


Producing Orange Bars or Spots

Orange Fin Tiger Endlers
Tiger Endler showing orange spots between vertical tiger stripes.

As seen in the photo of the original Orange Finned Multicolored Tiger Endler we notice some small orange spots on the body.  We thought it would look fantastic if we could get the coloration to be more predominant or even create orange stripes.

After several months we were able to produce a few males that have orange spots between the vertical tiger stripes.  We were even able to produce one male that had an orange bar.

Unfortunately the trait did not show up in every male however we were getting more and more males with the orange spot coloration.  We noticed that the more the orange spot showed up the more purple the overall coloration of the body became.

Our Recent Efforts

Multicolored Tiger Endler
Multicolored Tiger Endler with orange stripes. Our latest generation.

While we are by no means finished working on these beautiful hybrid Endlers we wanted to share our latest generation.  This generation is much more purple in coloration and has actual vertical stripes of orange.  One of the things we don’t like is that the vertical black strips are not as dark in color.  This is something we hope to be able to work on later.

What Happened to the Yellow Version?

The yellow version has still been separated from the orange finned however it’s not going 100% into the direction we would like it to go.  The majority of the yellow variety have a more purple coloration with the tiger stripes becoming weaker.  The caudal fin and dorsal fins are becoming more light purple rather than yellow.

They are not ugly, they’re just not quite what we were hoping to produce in the future.  We were really hoping for a more intense yellow coloration.

We haven’t given up however as we have some nice males that we are using for our breeding stock.  Only time will tell where the yellow variety will go.

What we Expect in the Future

This hybrid Endler strain is constantly changing.  In fact it is the fastest changing hybrid Endler strain we have ever worked with.  We have talked with other hobbyist that have seen this strain slowly change purple as well.  This constant changing is one of the things that makes raising hybrid Endlers so much fun.  While we work to control breeding we never quite know what to expect from the next generation.

Our goal is to eventually have a line of hybrid Endlers that produce the red vertical stripes consistently and to move away from the Multicolored Tiger Endlers all together.


Yellow Variation of the Multicolored Tiger Endler