Modifying the Multicolor Tiger Endler Strain

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How We Can Improve a Strain

Mail Multicolor Tiger EndlerBeing hobbyists just like you, our facility is small giving us the opportunity to control breeding in a way that simply cannot be done on a large scale.  This helps us to produce some of the most beautiful and unique hybrid Endlers available today.

Multicolor Tiger Endler Goal

Although the Multicolor Tiger Endler strain was originally developed by AdrianHD we continue to work on the strain.

We are currently working on separating the strain into it’s two main color groups yellow and orange. Our plan is eventually to offer these color selections separately as two different color varieties.

Along with focusing on separating the colors into their own unique color strains we are also working on the patterns. Our main focus is to breed nice dark vertical tiger stripes into each of the lines. So far we have had quite a bit of success in this area.

In general we are working to produce the most beautiful strains of Tiger Endlers we can.  Multicolor Tiger Endlers are a great choice for someone who wants a beautiful, hardy, and easy to care for strain.

How are we modifying the strain?

We are modifying the strain simply by selective breeding.  Only the males that meet the changes we are looking for are allowed to be introduced into our breeding stock.  Over time the entire look of the strain changes and if you are lucky they change the way you want them to change.

The Two Color Strains and Their Differences

There are two basic color strains that we are working to perfect; yellow and orange.  We have been working to make these two strains quite different from each other.

Yellow Tiger Endler

Yellow Tiger Endlers are the most common Tiger Endlers available today.  This strain however is a little different than most you will find.

The caudal fin on the Yellow Tiger Endler we are working on has an orange-yellow coloration rather than the traditional yellow tail.  The body of this strain also offers more reflective colors than most Tiger Endlers often presenting a blue or green coloration.

Orange Tiger Endler

This is a truly unique Tiger Endler.  The Orange Tiger Endler has an orange dorsal fin and orange coloration in caudal fin.  There is a nice pattern in the caudal fin and it often has yellow in the fin as well.

Iridescence and the Multicolor Tiger Endler

Iridescence in Tiger EndlersOften the Multicolor Tiger Endler displays intense colors of blue or green.  This is the result of iridescence or the ability of their skin interact with light giving them an appearance of green or blue colors.

As part of the process of trying to develop distinct yellow or orange strains we are also focusing on the intensity of the iridescence.

The males we are selecting when developing these individual color variations all have strong iridescent qualities that we hope to pass on to future generations.

Yellow Tiger Endler
Yellow Tiger Endler after modifying with selective breeding
Yellow Tiger Endler
Yellow Tiger Endler after modifying with selective breeding
Orange Multicolor Tiger Endlers
Orange Tiger Endler after modifying with selective breeding
Orange Multicolor Tiger Enldlers
Orange Tiger Endler after modifying with selective breeding

What they Originally Looked Like

The original Multicolor Tiger Endlers were real beauties. However these Endlers were more “guppy like” than we preferred.  Even with their “guppy” appearance we loved the look of the Endlers so much that it was the first type of hybrid Endler that we wanted to start raising.

Soon after we started raising them we began to control the breeding to get the looks we wanted. Our Endlers today are quite different compared to the ones we received directly from AdrianHD.

Original Yellow tiger Endler
Original Multicolor Tiger Endler received directly from AdrianHD
Original Orange Tiger Endler
Original Multicolor Tiger Endler received directly from AdrianHD

Please Note:  We want to give credit to Adrian Hernandez (AdrianHD) for creating this beautiful strain.  We are simply doing what we can to modify the strain by breeding in the traits we find most favorable and breeding out those we do not desire.