New Patchwork Endlers

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Patchwork Endler

We’ve been working on the Patchwork Endler strain for approximately a year now. We are very pleased with how the strain is turning out.

Patchwork Endlers are a cross between the Florescent Green Snake Endler and the original Lime Green Endler.  Lime Green Endlers and Florescent Green Snake Endler are strains that were originally developed by breeder AdrianHD.

Lime Green Endler
Lime Green Endler




Florescent Green Snake Endler
Florescent Green Snake Endler



Marty's Patchwork Endler


This hybrid turned out to be quite different than either strain it came from.  This is one of the most colorful strains of Endler we have been breeding.  The red/orange on the body really stands out under most lighting conditions  Other colors such as black, green and blue/purple are also found in most males.

We have held off on offering these beautiful Endlers until we felt like the line was breeding with consistent looking offspring.

So far this is a very active and healthy strain however it seems to produce fewer offspring than some of our other Endler strains.

Blond Patchwork Endler

We have been watching to see if these beautiful Endlers ever produced blond Endlers and recently we found one male that appears to have the blond coloration.  Blond is similar to Albino having no black coloration except for in the eye (albinos have red eyes).

This unique variation give this beautiful Endler strain a completely different look.

Now we have something else to work on!

Patchwork Endler